How we work


    We carry out full and complex conceptual projects, financial estimates, construction and executive designs and projects. We also offer authors supervision and technical advice.
    The area of our activity is also technical expertise and all kinds of environmental analyzes and soil surveys.

    We have design teams in the following industries:
    – construction;
    – mechanical;
    – piping and assembly;
    – technological;
    – electric;
    – AKPiA;

    Modern Design:
    Thanks to a team of experienced designers who combine their knowledge with the ability to use modern techniques and specialist programs, we are able to create our projects faster, more accurately, being able to detect possible threats in advance and prevent them at the aboriginal stage of design. Working on a collective cross-industry model in 3D technique, we can better control the coordination of the entire project team. By using modern software, we create complete 3D designs permitting visualisations of entire installations.

    Production and assembly

    The building’s workshop has a total area of 10 000 m² equipped with necessary equipment of Ten top cranes (5 – 30 T)

    We are in possession of our own machine park which permits Chemont to perform and execute all works on its own
    in particular:
    • 4-roller metal sheet rolling machine: Max. width of coiled sheet: 2500 mm, Min. diameter of coiling fi600 mm, Max. Thickness of coiled sheet: 25 mm
    • Beveling and planing machine: max. length of planing L=10mb
    • Oxygen-plasma burner:
    Table with dimensions: 3000 x 12000 [mm] with a maximum cutting width of 2700 mm. Range of cutting black steel: 1-100 mm, range of cutting stainless steel: 1-25 mm
    • Polisude apparatus for automatic welding of tubes in the bottoms of exhangers
    • Band-saw Bomar – 2 pcs. Diameter of cutting: from ø 5 mm to ø 350 mm
    • Own welding center – welding works are performed in the scope of the methods: MIG/MAG, coated electrode and hidden arc welding
    Machining machines:
    • side-head boring mill (with the treatment possibility of overall dimensions max Ø 2800mm)
    • boring machine
    • pillar drill (with the treatment possibility of overall dimensions max 3600 mm)
    • rolling machines: pipes (Ømax 108mm) plates (≠25mm, s= 2500mm) and profiles (hmax=120 mm)
    • Shot Blasting Machine 12,4 x 6 x 4,7 m
    Class Sa 1, class Sa2 , class Sa 2,5 in accordance with the norm PN-ISO 8501-1
    Chemont executes all apparatus in carbon steel, boiler steel, stainless steel, duplex and hastelloy.

    Quality Control

    We possess our own Quality Control Department which looks after and checks our products at each step of manufacture, in order to ensure the highest quality of production so that the most restrictive requirements, norms, and regulations are met.

    Shot blasting service

    Shot blasting machine which uses sand and shot blasting is an essential preceding action before the process of paining or galvanising steel. Thanks to the newest equipment and qualified team Chemont performs this service at the highest level. The shot blasting machine comprises of a two-station shot blasting chamber, interior sizes being: 12,4 x 6 x 4,7 m.

    Our production capabilities permit for the shot blasting machining of steel elements such as plates/sheets, steel profiles of many types, steel constructions, tanks etc. of the following sizes:
    • maximum length: 12 m
    • maximum width: 4,4 m
    • maximum height: 4,6 m
    • maximum weight: 30 T
    Depending on the requirement Chemont can obtain the following classes of preparing surfaces in accordance to norm PN-ISO 8501-1:
    • Class Sa 1 – rough shot blasting cleaning, eliminating oily stains, corrosion, surface paint, as well as well as other sort of dirt and grime.
    • Class Sa 2 – thorough shot blasting cleaning, permitted are residual contaminants adhering to the surface.
    • Class Sa 2,5 – more thorough shot blasting cleaning, permitted are tiny marks of residual elements, i.e. in the forms of dots.
    • Material for shot blasting must have the surface degreased, dried and without any marks of oil or wet paint. Weld defects, dissections, and sharp edges which appear during shot blasting need to be eliminated before the delivery of elements.

    Transport and assembly at client’s site

    Every apparatus produced at Chemont can be delivered, assembled, installed and initiated at the Client’s site in consonance with Your requirements.

    Certificates and permissions

    • Certificate granted by TÜV Rheinland InterCert System of Quality Control in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2008
    • Conformity certificate of Production Control EN 1090-01-2009+A1-2011 granted by TÜV Rheinland InterCert
    • Welding Process Assessment certificate PN-EN ISO 3834-2 granted by TÜV Rheinland InterCert
    • Health and Safety System certificate in accordance with PN-N18001:2004 granted by the Polish Quality Academy CERT Sp. z o.o.

    • Certificates granted by the Technical Inspection Authority to:
    • manufacture UC-02-32-W/1-05
    • repair UC-02-32-N/1-05
    • modernise UC-02-32-P/1-05:

    1. non-pressure and low-pressure tanks used fo poisonous or corrosive materials;
    2. non-pressure and low-pressure tanks used for flammable liquids;
    3. elements of pressure and non-pressure apparatus;
    4. steam pipelines connecting boilers with turbogenerators;
    5. technological pipelines;
    6. permanent pressure vessels;

    • Conformity with directive PED 2014/68/UE
    • Certificate EN 1090-1 ( EXC-3 ) and EN ISO 3834-2 widening permission to manufacture welded steel constructions.
    • Certificate ISO 9001:2015 nr 0198 100 011 56 to design, manufacture and assemble industrial apparatus and steel constructions, repair technological installation as well as machines and apparatus.
    • The company has welding licenses in accordance with the Technical Conditions of the Technical Inspection Authority, which is led by an employee who possesses the “European Engineer Welder” certificate as well as the “Competency Certificate”.

Contact data

  • Company address

    Chemont Sp. z o.o.
    Unii Europejskiej 53 Street,
    32-600 Oświęcim

    tel. +48 33 445 81 51
    tel./fax +48 33 445 81 52
    tel. +48 33 445 81 53

    Registration data:
    Share Capital: 6 353 900,00 PLN

    NIP: 5492212212
    REGON: 356909795
    VAT no.: PL 549-22-12-212

    We are a member of:


  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2008
  • EN 1090-01-2009+A1-2011
  • PN-EN ISO 3834-2
  • PN-N18001:2004
  • UC-02-32-W/1-05
  • UC-02-32-N/1-05
  • UC-02-32-P/1-05
  • PED 2014/68/UE
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