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For over 70 years we offer our clients technical and economic solutions, which are reliable due to their high level of integration and their implementation.

  • Know-How


    70 years of experience

    Today Chemont designs and manufactures apparatus and complete industrial equipment for industrial plants in Poland and Europe and is one of the leading companies within the industry.

  • Qualified personnel

    Qualified personnel

    We are a team of almost 120 people.

    We have engineers and specialists from many industries ranging from designers, engineers, technologists, fitters, welders, quality controllers, material purchasing and marketing specialists to qualified managerial staff. We constantly deepen our knowledge and skills, thanks to which we are able to implement and execute the most complex investments for you.

  • Complex Service

    Complex Service

    We are in possession of our own design office and production hall, thanks to which we can execute complex investments, starting from the design through to production and then to assembly in a designated place along with the instalment and start-up. We are also able to provide you with a turnkey solution.

  • Reliability


    All orders and tasks entrusted and granted to us, Chemont carries out with greatest diligence. From the designing of manufacture, ending on assembly and start-up. RELIABILITY with which we try to approach all of our tasks results in a trouble-free and safe operation of our apparatus in your companies and plants.

  • Individual approach

    Individual approach

    We believe that thanks to an INDIVIDUAL APPROACH we are able to meet all of the demands and requirements of our Clients. It is Your satisfaction which is the measure of our success.

  • Trust


    For over 70 years of activity we have obtained the trust of many companies in Poland and around the globe. We invite you to cooperate with us and have hope that you will also join our group of satisfied Clients.


  • 1946

    Chemont initially operated as a Construction and Repair of Apparatus Company within the organisational structures of Chemical Plant “Oświęcim”, which was the predecessor od Chemical Company “Dwory” S.A.

  • 1998-2004

    This is the period of functioning as an independent department of Company Production of Commerce Service Chemoservis-Dwory Sp. z o. o. Further organisational transformations led to the origin of CHEMONT Sp. z o.o.

  • 2005

    From this time on we are CHEMONT Sp. z o. o.

  • 2019

    From July 2019 Chemont became part of a capital group SHK Holding


  • Experience

    70 years of experience in the manufacture of apparatus and equipment for chemical, petrochemical and energy industries.

  • Technology

    We possess our own design office, team of engineers and mechanics who constantly care for the development and optimisation of manufactured apparatus.

  • Development

    Our engineering team is constantly growing in strength in terms of personnel as well as hardware and software in order to meet the requirements of Clients.

  • Quality

    We possess our own team of Quality Controllers, so that our products can always be produced at the highest of levels.

  • Knowledge

    Chemont maintains a vast experience thanks to our qualified staff and we are constantly working on deepening this knowledge as well as passing it on to the next generations of engineers.

  • Ethics

    Transparency and ethics in action, but also assisting those in need.

Contact data

  • Company address

    Chemont Sp. z o.o.
    Unii Europejskiej 53 Street,
    32-600 Oświęcim

    tel. +48 33 445 81 51
    tel./fax +48 33 445 81 52
    tel. +48 33 445 81 53

    Registration data:
    Share Capital: 6 353 900,00 PLN

    NIP: 5492212212
    REGON: 356909795
    VAT no.: PL 549-22-12-212

    We are a member of:


  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2008
  • EN 1090-01-2009+A1-2011
  • PN-EN ISO 3834-2
  • PN-N18001:2004
  • UC-02-32-W/1-05
  • UC-02-32-N/1-05
  • UC-02-32-P/1-05
  • PED 2014/68/UE
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