Certificate - evaluation of the welding process.

Certificate Conformity of the Factory Production Control

We are pleased to inform you that the company Chemont Sp. o.o. positively completed certification audit for compliance with the requirements of EN 1090-1 (EXC-3) and EN ISO 3834-2. thereby expanding their powers for the execution of welded structures.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 nr 0198 100 011 56 – for the design, production, assembly of industrial equipment and steel constructions, repairs of technological systems and also machines and devices.

Certyficate BHP PN-N18001:2004

The company has also capabilities in the scope of welding conformed with Conditions of Technical Inspection Office that is managed by the employee who possess „European Welding Engineering” as well as „Certificate of Competence”.

The company issues production certificates confirmed by Technical Inspection Office in the scope of:

Manufacturing nr UC-02-32-W/1-05 since 29th March 2005 Technical Inspection Office

Repair nr UC-02-32-N/1-05 since 29th March 2005 Technical Inspection Office

Modernization nr UC-02-32-P/1-05 since 29th March 2005 Technical Inspection Office
  1. non-pressure and low-pressure tanks for liquid inflammable materials
  2. non-pressure and low-pressure tanks for poisonous and corrosive materials
  3. elements of pressure and non-pressure devices
  4. steam pipelines connecting boiler with the turbo generator
  5. technological pipelines
  6. pressure tanks
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